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Ship Ahoy! Zurich's most beautiful treasure is the lake



»Lake Zurich« combines urban flair with idyllic countryside. You can take a boat and borrow the summer heat from the city. With the ship you reach the city completely relaxed. With the ship you experience short holidays, the length of which you determine yourself. Whether 60, 90, 120 or 480 minutes on the ship - deceleration is guaranteed. Even in bad weather or especially in bad weather.

With the Zürichsee Guide you will become a connoisseur. Expand your boat experience with all kinds of additional knowledge. Discover with each trip at which station you want to make a stop next time. Sink into stories about buildings and people along the two shores of the lake or sink into your thoughts as the wind sweeps through your hair.

A boat trip on Lake Zurich is a pleasure all year round. And the galley can also conjure up seasonal delicacies from the region on your plate. Lean back, put your feet up and take a deep breath: a »Lake Zurich cruise« enriches all your senses!

Ahoy and good luck at all times.

Roman Knecht,

Director of the Lake Zurich Shipping Company

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ZSG Logo

Ship Ahoy!

Enjoy the view of the city and Lake Zurich’s lakeside communities from a new perspective. Make yourself comfortable on one of the boats of the Lake Zurich Navigation Company (ZSG), take a look at the Lake Zurich guide, and learn what you have always wanted to know about Zurich’s most attractive recreation area. On the river cruises of the “small” and “big” tour along the left and right bank of Lake Zurich, selected points of interest (POI), landmarks, and attractions are presented, highlighting each of the twenty-two ship’s stations and listed so that these are available on Google Maps from the opposite bank [link to Google Map].

Zürichsee Guide mit Googel Map und Sehenswürdigkeiten (point of interest)

Zürichsee Guide mit Googel Map und Sehenswürdigkeiten (point of interest)

Google Map with landmarks for e-book and smartphone

Lake Zurich Map with Point of Interest:

For example, the former owner of the estate „Traubenberg“ in Zollikon was mayor Heinrich Escher, who introduced one of the first chocolates from Brussels to Switzerland in 1697, or that the Swiss national drink Rivella was invented in Stäfa.

From the ship, and using the special map available on Google Maps, you can identify the most visited sites, such as Richard Wagner’s “Asylum on the Green Hill,” Villa Schönberg, hidden behind trees, C. G. Jung’s house in Küsnacht, or the Villa Abendstern, which served as inspiration to Robert Walser’s novel. If you want, you can also get off at one of the stops to see the sights mentioned in the travel guide or stop at one of the beautiful lakeside restaurants, then return to Zurich.