Rommel Roberts

Seeds of Peace

Stimmen für die Freiheit

About the Books

‘In South Africa, the struggle for freedom was won largely through non-violent means – 95% of the struggle was non-violent. The non-violent foundations laid in the preceding years are, I believe, what made our peaceful transition to democracy possible in 1994.’

Rommel Roberts’ words express his conviction which was underlying all his efforts as an activist opposing the apartheid regime in South Africa.

In his book ‘Seeds of Peace’ Rommel Roberts wants to focus on ordinary people who with their courage and commitment have achieved a change in South African conditions but have never been recognised and acknowledged.

In all his stories of brave women and men and in all forms of protest and human rights activities in which Rommel Roberts played a key role this incredible spirit of non-violence was prevalent and finally successful.

About the Author

Hilltop director and programmer facilitator Rommel Roberts (second from left)Election Violence Prevention Programme. The South African general elections'2019 on Mai 8th. Here you will get news about the voting stations and their status in the two townships Khayelitsha and Mitchells Plain in Cape Town.

Rommel Roberts was born in Durban in 1949. After studying Theology and Philosophy he lived in Cape Town and began his social and political work. During his human rights activities from 1973-1990 and work with Desmond Tutu he led campaigns, initiated many anti-apartheid actions, either formed or helped to form organisations mostly in Cape Town in a bid to set up networks of support, locally, nationally and abroad. During his opposition against the apartheid system he experienced several encounters with security police including imprisonment.

In the post freed Mandela era after 1990 Roberts helped to build up organisational and leadership capacity whilst advancing the cause of social and economic development strategies. During this time he assisted in the historic South African elections.

His commitment to peace activism and speaking truth to power continues unabated until this day.

Roberts currently lives with his wife Robin in a small rural village in the Eastern Cape where they oversee many projects and programmes.


Buchvernissage in Südafrika anlässlich des Heritage Day im Township Khayelitsha nahe Kapstadt

18-09-30 Khayelitsha Heritage Day 24 Sept - Book Launch 'Seeds of Peace' - PHOTOS.pdf
Buchvernissage am 24. Oktober 2018 im Township Khayelitsha nahe Kapstadt (Nonqubela Site B Community Hall).Among others Rommel Roberts with the Swiss ambassador in South Africa Helene Budliger Artieda.


Radiointerview mit Rommel Roberts über seinen Anti-Apardheid-Kampf
Interview mit Rommel Roberts über seinen Anti-Apardheid-Kampf am Schweizer Radio (2014)